Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fujitsu U820 Pictures

Top view with the screen shut in tablet mode.

Side view compared with the Sony Vaio.

Front view of the U820 compared to a Sony Vaio VGN-TZ with an 11" screen.

Front shot compared with the HP with 17" screen.

The U820 shown next to a Samsung Blackjack. I use the Internet Sharing with Bluetooth on the phone to connect the U820 to the internet.

VGA/LAN Dongle

Top view compared with the Sony Vaio VGN-TZ

Top shot showing the new shiny cover.

Shot of the screen turned around and shut flat.

Picture of the external GPS antenna and has a magnetic base to attach to the roof of your car.
(note - External antenna not required for GPS to work, just if you have poor reception.)

U820 size compared to an HP laptop with 17" screen.

Right side view with Power Jack, CF slot, Power switch and wireless on/off switch.

Side view of left with Mic and headphone jacks, USB port, SD slot, lock hole, and volume knob.

Front views


Box contents: Getting Started Guide, GPS and other documentation, External VGA/LAN dongle, Restore CD's, OneNote 2007 and Garmin CD's, Ext. GPS antenna, Spare mouse tip. Also the power adapter (not shown).

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Vincent Xavier Shaw said...

Excellent pictures! It's so exciting to see this and I hope to know what it looks like outside. Since my needs of at least a 1200x800 resolution, this sounds like a great laptop. It's much smaller than my HP TX2 and I can finally use it like an ebook for my massive library from Libronix. Could you post some pictures that do both the following? 1.) Show multiple windows open, variations of side-by-side and windowed, and 2.) while viewing multiple pages have some size-comparison object on frame, like a DVD case. This all helps me imagine using it.